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Bella has a boyfriend Boca who lives a couple of houses down. Here is a typical invitation to play ...

Unbelievably but Truly,
Bella The Peaceful Sweet Greyhound
Yet Again Again Requests the Presence of
Boca The Mean Bernese Mountain Hound
Anytime ~ Sometime
For Torture (oops, I mean Frolic and Fun)
in the Lovely Warm Weather
Signed, Bella The Greyhound ;-)

But alas, here is a typical response response ...

Hi Bella, I will be there soon. My owner is a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Miss biting you and being bit!! Love and slobbers, Boca

Aw, What a sweet kiss ...

Really, just a lovers' quarrel

Check out those teeth

Dear Bella.

I have been lax and have not visited your web site for ages. I didn't realize that there was a section dedicated to our letters. I am smitten and wish that I were being bitten by you at this moment. I have been around a few times in the last week, but alas you have been out. I will be by soon, I promise. Maybe you could get JB to take a picture of the two of us to post with the "Boca Letters"!! Ask him!!

Missing you and our bites, rumbles and tumbles, Boca, June 2004

Dear Boca,

JB says he would love to if you ... ah ... could take it ... I have fangs only for you. Well, while you're here, that is ...

Love Bella

And another from Feb 2004,

Say Boca, it's warm today ... think you can drag your human out into the sun to let us play?? Hey, giveitatry!

Love, Your Sweet Little Belle

PS, I'm available tomorrow too ... and also ... ah, nevermind. My calendar is so full with secret admirers, I just wish I knew who they were ...


My human was not around much today and I was very bored and very upset that you could not bite me on our special day. Tomorrow is no good either, but I will get her to bring me sometime next week.

Missing you and your teeth, Your Valentine Guy, Boca

From Dec 2003,

Bella The Greyhound

Requests the Presence of

Boca The Burnese Mountain Dog

Anytime ~ Sometime

For Torture (oops, I mean Play)

Signed, Bella The Greyhound ;-)

Hi Bella the greyhound,

I have been cooped up in my house for countless days and have missed our biting sessions terribly. I have gotten a promise to be taken to your yard either today or tomorrow. Can't wait for some action.

Best. Boca the Bernese Mountain Hound

And Jan 2004,

Bella calls longingly for Boca (still)!