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(Dateline, September 10, 2003)

Bella the new greyhound beastie is a terror these days. I hope it is a new and only a stage. She is just over a year and a half. She is a thief and a right good one at that.

Tales of Bella's theft of foods have grown to epidemic proportions.  We warn everyone doing our kitchen renovation (details here) she is a thief, but ... well, first two donuts on different days from Kevin (he learns slow I guess).  Then the big plumber John reported she got in thru the back of his van, jumped into the front seat and was caught tearing open a trash bag containing his lunch.  Then at our bbq party Saturday night Joan reported "I thought Bella was pretty crafty because she would take a hamburger off the platter, take it out onto the lawn and leave it there, then return to the platter for something else!!! ...sort of like burying a stash for later retrieval!"I told Joan not to worry about Bella overeating ... even though she had had to go out at 3 am the next morning ... but Joan replied with this amazing story about her (past) dog Whiskey ...

And a dog can overeat! Whiskey accompanied us to my sister-in-law's Orthodox Christmas celebration ( Russian foods such as stuffed cabbage, pierogies, etc). Whiskey begged all night and then collapsed, unable to walk. She literally could not move her hind legs - we thought she had been poisoned. By the next morning, still unable to move the hind legs (she just dragged them) and not eating or drinking anything, we took her to the vets and she was diagnosed with "a classic case of overeating"! It took her another day or so before she was behaving normally. Maybe different breeds are affected differently, but ours was one gluttonous little dog.