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(Dateline, March 25, 2004)

Marian wrote this tale to her friend Kathy Sondejk:

We have been swallowed here by the kitchen construction monster!

However, this is to Bella's delight as she has earned the name "Ali Bella and the 40 thievings". She has learned to steal the workman's lunches from the front seat of their cars and vans. She glides easily through cracks in their windows and the rest is history. She can recognize a Dunkin donut bag and cup from a mile away...even when riding in the car you can hear her psychic plait "CAN WE STOP?" every time we pass the Dunkin Donut shop. A high moment in this new career came as she got the same guy's lunch two days in a row! Not to mention getting the boss's lunch just after he had warned his men to tie up their lunches above the 4 foot mark. He had said it was like camping in the woods, keeping your food from the bears.

But don't get me wrong here, she also likes to help them out by taking their tools and trying to use them with her teeth. Want a piece of wood made smaller...just ask Bella! And as you might not guess they LOVE HER! With maybe one exception - Bruno the Tiler... somehow Bella got around the barricade and as quick as a wink had stepped on many set, wet tiles, slipping them out of place. Of course, I like to think they were crooked already and Bella was just pointing out Bruno's mistakes.

JB had Bella out in the woods yesterday. She found two dogs to play with. One dog would rear up on his back legs and let out a growl like a lion and Bella would run under them, back and forth, before he could get down. The little boy with the dog looked at JB and said "I wish WE had a dog that could run that fast." JB explained to him that Bella wouldn't be a good racer because she likes to play (tease would be MY word) too much with other dogs.

Today she is being a good greyhound couch potato. And a delight, as always.