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(Dateline, September 20, 2003)

Today I was very proud of Bella. We took a break, she and I, from the kitchen renovation mess and drove in to Boston. Parked deep in the bowels, on the -3rd floor of the Prudential center, walked out the long way, thru the streets to the Newbury Street Fair. A 2 hour walk amidst alot of people ranging from sullen to cute, punctuated by a walk around the Boston Garden, a wallow in a wimpy fountain, then I announced "Back to the car, we go home". She actually headed to the right entrance in the Prudential Tower, but just before we got there I was inspired to add a new experience, and detoured for a ride up the Pru escalator, her first escalator. After carefully watching several people walk by, she ventured onto the treads, which took her front feet forward. Eventually the rears followed, to her amazement! We walked down, then thru the revolving door. She managed to lead me, with just one wee slip-up, all the way thru the bowels of this garage to the car, just getting lost in the last 20 feet. You know "They are all the same ...".

I was very proud of her. She slept all evening while we partied at Will's.