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(Dateline, April 29, 2004)

A Disgusting Proud Papa Story

This morning I was very proud of Bella. She really wanted one of my almonds. Loki the cat slunk by at this point and went under a table, she looked sideways at him and kept hoping for the almond. I said, Find Loki. She ran over to him, gave him a goose, and followed him until he jumped up on the bathroom sink. Then came back to me! Of course I gave her an almond, and had an idea. Next, Find Pumpkin Cat. Off Bella went, and nosed Pumpkin asleep on her chair. Another almond! We were on a roll. OK, Where's Caboodle? She kept hoping for the almond, but I insisted (Go Get Caboodle!), so she circled the living room until she espied Caboodle asleep on the dog mat. She didn't nose that cat bitch, though, but she did stare intently at her from a safe 18", until Caboodle greeted Bella with her favorite hiss. I figured that warranted a couple of almonds!

Comments from friends:

Amazing! - Can you train Sarah for me? (John)

Please pardon my current husband's stupid and sexist comment. (Sarah)

(Note: As of Feb 2006, Sarah and John were on the rocks ...)

Dear Bella - Don't go too quickly with letting your owners know how intelligent you are or they might worry that soon you will be putting them through their paces!!! (Boca)

Tell her to find Snoopy. Challenge: Snoopy is asleep in the pachysandra down back where only the pharaoh's daughter can find him by the fish pond and canoe. (Dr. Ed)

Wild. Bella's one smart Greyhound, that's for sure. Now have her find Marion, and graduate to finding someone who's hiding behind something. These folks love a challenge... (Steve)

Tina is taking your story to her large vet hospital in a suburb of Philly (7 doctors). Tina wrote, "That is so cute - I'll bring it into work. Sasha used to use Cedilah as a squeak toy." Sasha is her golden, Cedilah (Irish pronounced K lee) is her rescued, mostly Siamese (but she didn't think of any Arabic to name her.) Sasha would nudge Cedilah, who would then "squeak", then she would nudge her again for another "squeak". (Liz)